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Brief introduction of pu er tea

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Old Pu'er tea tree in Yiwu

In recent years, more and more experts pay attention to tea's medical care function. Tea is one of three popular drinks in the world , well, Puer tea was looked as king of teas.

Puer tea was produced at the six ancient tea mountain in Xishuangbanna of Yunnan. It's name come from the name of Pu'er county.Since old ages, the Pu'er tea has been gethered at Pu'er county and then transport to other place in the world. In the minetime, because of Xishuangbanna's elevation and climate is good for Pu'er tea growth, so Puer tea's quality is excellent.

Puer tea is a general name, it include Tuo tea, Bing tea, Fang tea, Jin tea etc. It's quality is not only in the aspects of good smell and taste, but also in the value of medical care and healthy care.Its history is more than 2,000 years.Puer tea's medical care function include Lipid-lowering, weight loss, ease blood pressure, anti-i-atherosclerosis, anti-cancer, protecting stomach, protecting tooth, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging.

There are some special process to produce Puer tea. Normally, after collecting fresh tea leaf, the pepole will do three process: roasting, rolling, drying and get the Maoqing tea(raw Puer tea). Its taste is very strong bitter. Then, after different process get fermented tea and unfermented tea. After pilled-up fermenting, get fermented tea and then store for 2 or 3 years, its quality will steady and good. If store tea in dry place for 5 or 8 years, will get its best quality. If do not make pilled-up fermenting process and let tea store in dry warehouse for 5 or 8 years then became nature fermented tea. Its quality will become more good with the time passed and a little like red wine.

Puer tea shop
Where you can try and buy good quality Puer tea in Jinghong? Puersong Tea Shop

If you want to see old Puer tea tree in the jungles and home style tea factory, you can check below puer tea tour.
800 years old Pu'er tea tree tour

If you want to stay overnight at a tea hill, pick up tea and make Pu'er tea by yourself, near Menghai there is a tea garden where can offer nice comodation, food and making tea expeirence.

Local Dai people's dance service

Rest room in the tea fields

Family room in the tea fields

Home-made Pu'er tea work space

In ancient china, Pu'er tea was transported from Xishuangbanna to Lhasa of Tibet and Ya'an of Sichuan by Ancient Tea-Horse Road