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Trek Story >> Spide Kingdom

Lynn, Mike and I look out over the valley, which is covered by silvery cloud, we stand in the mystical kingdom created by spiders. Webs are everywhere. They are tingle in reluctant the grass, looped between 2 trees. Covering on almost everything around us, the webs resemble a fairytale snow. When we move, we are cautious not to break any webs, and so disturb this magic kingdom.


Rarely did we see the creators of the magic kingdom. Some are normal spider size, while others are not bigger than a dot, big or small, they sit on moving in the centre of their fantastic created retreat.


Suddenly, Lynn exclaimed and pointed to a huge web which hangs above our heads, countless tiny, crystal of due cling to it dropping strings.


A flash of colour between the trees caught our attention, a black half-thumb sized spider, giving out a sense of authority guarded his kingdom. Its a large spide, with remarkly long, yellow dotted legs setting still in the centre of a large web was fansinating size. It was a large fellow with a sizable black body.They were dotted with a brillant yellow that reflect the moring light. We left him charges in his kingdom.

Not all the webs are strong like nets, to one side like tinny woven traps. There traps are constructed like tinny tunnels. At the entrance one of them, a spider waits for whatever tiny insect try to enter his trap. Impishly I blow gentility towards to its little tunnel. In a flash, it disappeared into its tunnel. As though a terrible storm is coming.

But the show is not yet finish, we see a web arched so that is resembles one cup of woman's bra. However, unlike the other webs, it appears to be abandoned. We could only wonder where the designer of this marvelous construction hiding.

As we stand there, we wonder at all. Who or what guide these insects in their work? How could a spider string a web between 2 trees 2-3 meters apart? And how long does it take them to complete a web? That they could do it overnight? Seems to be an impossibilty.

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