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Trek Story >> Cave in Xishuangbanna

I started to explore this jungle trek in 2006. I went there twice in June 2006, I was sick from the long bus journey. From Jinghong to Menla it takes 4 hours, come on! I was glad the highway between Mengla and Jinghong was finished in 2008, as the journey became bearable. At the beginning of 2009, an organization rented the whole Natural Reserve and made it a sightseeing spot which is not a bad idea. The Wild Ox Cave contains fascinating and other-worldy structures that are all lit by soft lighting, making it an ethereal and beautiful experience.

The title" 3 Days Hard Forest&Jungle Trekking Tour" sounds a bit rough, doesn't it? In fact, the more I explored, the more trekking opportunities arise. Jenny and Christoph come from Germany, they lose their fitess after staying in Beijing for a year. After visiting the cave, we were following the stream for 3 hours, stayed overnight at a remote Yao village. We walked on the tractor road the next day for 2 hours which was quite easy to walk, they joined my barefoot trekking experience. It is believed releasing static electricity from our bodies, absorbing anion from mother nature. When I did it the first time, I felt a sort of refreshment afterwards, I didn't fall asleep on the bus as usual after finishing a trek. I wasn't hungry either. I must have been absorbing lots of energy from the earth. I like the earth

limestone cave

surface, it is not too hard or too soft, just the right texture. Its as smooth as satin, the earth under the sun is much more warm than the one in shade, it could have been soaking with iced cold.

This is the only one day trek where you could have luxury accomodation after finishing it. I mean, if you book a trek in row for 2 or 3 days. A decent, newly decorated hotel is located next to the cave with a mumuring stream, the room facilities are similar to the hotels with 3 star standard rooms.

I encountered an eccentric snake in the jungle a few times. It is called "green bamboo leaf snake", when I pointed out the meditative snake that sat right in the middle of a cluster of red flowers to Jenny, she said that she is very afraid of snakes. She took about 10 minutes to overcome her snake-phobia, Christoph tried to drive it away, it won‘t move at all. Finally we left and continued our trek without disturbing its meditation.

The second time I was scared out of my wits by the same type snake, I was picking up a leaf that was shaped like a dagger. I wanted to pick up the second one but all of a sudden I saw the snake coiled on the leaves, the distance between my fingers and the snake was nearly zero, my frighten shriek must have been woken up all the spirits in the whole jungle. ED said I also made an unmistakable coming anouncement to the Yao village with my shriek. After the three of us passed the snake cautiously, ED used a dry twig and played with it mischievously, surprisingly, it won’t run away like the other sensitive snakes.Its attitude was relatively close to a"leave me alone, please!" It happyily remainded in its ruminating pose .

limestone cave

What was waiting for us in the Yao village was a wild mushroom feast. My host gave me the task to wash a big basketful of mushrooms,what colour! Orange-red. Pure black,rolled up ad pipe shaped, light purple it is a weird colour and undoubtedly kills the appetite. There was another one black like charcoal, it appear to be rotten. The most impressive one was the gigantic bright red one with a diameter of 10 centimeters.

I also helped our host peeling corncobs, I am always doing it whenever there are some corncobs available in the villages, for me this is a sort of meditation. My thumb was a bit tired from peeling,one hour of hard work will soon go straight to the pig‘s stomach, I saw our host just scattered the corn that I had done earlier on the floor,5 or 6 pigs and a group of chicken started to a fight immediately. Normally villagers ground it become cornflower,cooking it with some wild vegetables,it seems the domestic animals have a harder life to follow their masters in a remote village too.

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