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Trek Story >> The Plan Went To Wrong
Walking as a trekking guide is my job. I am lucky, I enjoy what I do. Walking with interesting people from all over the world in a secluded environment. I go on trek from 7--10 days a month. However, 12 years have flown in twinkled eyes. I have been leading countless treks, some of my treks have left a vivid memories, they all seem as though they just happened yesterday.
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For example, once, I guided 2 Canadians, John and Melanie. To reach our starting point, we took 2 hours bus ride. On the first day we had planed to walk for 4 hours. However, a downpour started, we because there was no signs of shelt anywhere, we continued on. But, a bit by bit, the rain swallowed our energy, the narrow winding path became increasingly mudy. I imagine myself sitting dry and comfortable in front of the big fire.

After a couple of long hours, struggling through this mud, we came to a tiny village, Padang. padang, I knew was located 2 hours from our destination. One of the villagers, seeing our condition, invited us to his house. The house was poor, but the hospitality and the leaping fire convience us to stay overnight in Padang.

After providing us with a good supper, our host offered us a double spring bed.
This is a problem for me, because the bed was too narrow for 3 people. I could only expected a sleepless night. And, with 2 hours walk tomorrow, my sleepless night was out of the question. So, I came up with a secret plan. When the host and his family had falling sleep, I would quietly leave my 2 clients in the spring bed and made myself comfortable on a nearby coach. Our host, not knowing about this, would not be affened. I would get a good night sleep and everything would be ok in the morning. But, things do not always go according to a plan.

After my 2 Canadian clients and I lay on the spring bed. We started to chat, Melanie told me that the experience reminded her of her camping adventures back to Canada with her family. Many of things she mentioned, but made John and I laugh.

As result, the three of us became very relax and fell into a deep sleep.
My plan to treat my host by sleep in the coach didn't work.
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