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Trek Story >> Dinosaur Park‏?

When we walked through the rubber plantation after breakfast, all of a sudden, I was captured by a small cluster of orange-red mushrooms, the morning sunbeams were filtrating the rubber trees, a patch of light became invisible canopy above the mushrooms. I was ecstasized its colour.

Once in a while, a gasp of cool breeze sent us a crispy sound: pa, it is made by rubber seed shells when they fall. I saw Ana still held the purple-red leaves plant which she took it during the trek yesterday. I thought she just wanted to feed her prcession desire. She told me that she had sucessed in transplanting a plant from Canada to France once. I saw the plant was floating on the water surface in an aluminium basin in the morning. Whenever we pass a stream, she dip it into the water, I am assuming it will alive with her attentive care, I wish her good luck with it.

river and jungles

2 hours walking along a crook inside the jungle was the highlight for Alex today. After passing the rocky beginning, I heard Alex said: Dinosaur Park. I might have overhearded the sentence with the murmuring of the stream, " where is the park?" I asked him curiously. He told me: the movie popped up in his mind with this appealing jungle. I came this jungle at the beginning of 2000, what I saw at that time was emerging vividly: the gigantic trees, umbrella-sized leaves, the transparent water....., I thought I entered this scenic tableau which only shown in the movies or documentaries.

2 insects were mating leisurely by the stream, it has long orange-yellow wings, dotted with black round dots. I saw a died one with feets upward to azure sky, cloudless. I pick it up and threw it into the flowing water, a manmade watery funeral rite. A solo dance was showing, an unvisible string held the dancer, a misquito with 5 feet that strentch out freely on all sides.There is no way to overlook the odd part of its feet: 2 centimeters pure white part at its end.

Ana tried to reach a school of exotic beans, brown, the shell is covered with sharp fluff. I was standing on a rotten log, I wanted to move closer to have a better look.Oh!At that very moment, while my right feet was moving, landing on the log, my right feet was sunken, as the log had set up a trap delibrately.

4 of us climbed on the top of a big rock, time for a picnic.I lay out beauty bananas(the tiny ones), organic peanuts, crackies.A thong of ants were swarming, joining our picnic without a pemission after a while.I drop all the crackie scraps later on, an abundant feast for insects in the jungle.

At this moment, some of my childhood mischievous actitives were popping up into my mind: there was two ways we were playing with ants.we lay the rice outside an ant nest, luring them out, then we killed them all in a fire.we created a flood overwhelming their homes too.

I gave Alex a piece of peanut, he asked me: what was the difference?He opened it, surprisingly, it was empty.I told him naughtyly: it was one of popular the cheats was playing amond friends when I was kid.

2 golden-black bees were holding each other with its feet, one is slightly bigger than the other, their buttocks against each other too, mating or fighting?I was wondering, baffled.

At this moment, an innocent fleeting moment conjured up in my mind: once, it happened a few years ago, I saw a bigger grasshopper carried a small one on its back, I was shouting loudly, look! A mum carried her sweet baby! The echoe of gales laughter was travelling around the jungle, every creatures in mother nature laughing at mine innocence, they told me to reread what I had studies in my primary school.

A cluster of pure black mushrooms were standing in row on a log above the water, its appearance resemble of grenades, they are waiting an order for a war, unfortunetly the tiny size is unable to fulfil its mission.

A yellowish moth was darting into a cobweb, the spide was scurrying to its prey immediately, it might have been waiting for this moment for days.Once, I save a red dragonfly was merely captured by a spideweb, I couldn‘t handle the scene of its fruitless struggling to regain its freedom, I decided to help it.Afterward, I saw a spide retreated melancholy, I was doing a right thing or not?I was puzzled.

I pointed out the rose-red tree roots to Alex, demanding a sort of explanation from him.Is because the water contains abundant iron?Probably his speculation was right.

when we arrived at Aini village where we were going to spend an overnight, Alex asked me: how was their speed today. I told him: the speed isn't an issue at all, as long as you enjoy the trek, I arrive the village before the twilight falls.

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