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Trek Story >> Come across a snake on a foot path in forest

27th, July of 2010, I went to a nature reserve called Mandian waterfall with 3 dutch. After some rain of a few days, the foot path is very wet in the forest, but today is humid and hot, because the weather is sunny. When we were climbing a path, suddenly i saw a green snake curling on a big branch lying on the path. I was shocked, as a very poisonous snake it should live in a dense forest and there are more foods there. Of course here also a dense forest, but it is very few chance to see this kind of poisonous snake called "green bamboo leave" in Chinese, belong to viperidae snake. It is more activity in rainy day. Its head is triangular shape, living on frog, lizards, birds and small mammals. It stayed on the branch so quiet and did not want to move, but i have to go this path. I think if i was friendly to the snake, it should be friendly to me too. So i tried to make it understood me and go away, i pulled and shaked the branch softly. It feeled something, did not look back and started to move down very slowly to the ground and continue went to a small tree 1 meter away. It become quiet again, maybe it is hungry and waiting for a lizard or bird pass by. After 1 hour, we came back from the waterfall again, it is still stay on the small tree, did not move a little bit.

Waterfall in the forest

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