Trekking Yunnan, enjoy lovely minority people life, see villages with tea, pineapple, rubber plantations ......

Welcome to Forest Cafe,Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, South China!!!
Thank you for paying attention to our trekking service!!!
Welcome to join our trekking !

We do not spoil the environment
We do give extra money for accommodation to the local people
We do bring medicines to the local people

The most valuable four words:
I love you. . . I'm sorry. . . Please forgive me. . . Thank you. . .

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  • Map of Xhishuanbanna area

  • Hotel reservation from 4 star to guesthouse

  • Book Bus & Train & Air Ticket
  • The place for you to relax...

    Office Hours : 09:00AM - 20:00PM

    Forest Cafe was funded in 1994, we had trekking tours, home-made Yunnan coffee and local pu'er tea over 10 years.Since 2014, Forest Cafe has become a small booking office.

    Biggest guide-books and novels collection in town for trade and sell. Phrasebooks available (Laos, Vietname, Mandarin), The lastest new edition of Lonely Planet, guide books available (Laos, south-east Asia, south-west China). postcards, express bus ticket booking service, free city map, home-made Yunnan coffee, home-made fresh fruit juice!!!

    And of course not to forget our music!

    . Tea & Coffee:
    Green tea , black tea, Pu'er Tea, leamon grass & mint tea and flower tea.


    . Guide books ,phrasebook, novels , postcards :
    guide book collections in cafe, some of the latest Lonely Planet guide book, Laos, Southeast Asia, Vietnamese phrasebooks available.
    English guide book, such as: The Rough Guide To China , Insight Guide China
    French guide book, such as: Laos Cambodge , Chine du Sud-Ouest Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi
    German guide book, such as: Vietnam

    Note: We do trading books , normally we trade books 2 for 1, depends what book you have.

    English books in Jinghong

    . Ethnic Handicraft :
    Handmade shoe(80 yuan RMB)--handmade embroidery shoes.
    Handmade bag(100 yuan RMB)--Miao ethnic bag.

    . Internet service:
    WiFi is free.
    Personal computer is free for half an hour for our customers.If more than half an hour, we charge 3 yuan per hour.

    . Chinese language tutoring :
    If you would like to learn some simple and practical Chinese, you can come to Forest Cafe. We will do our best to teach you. for 20Yuan per hour.

    . Book Train ticket from Kunming to other main city of China
    Now there is not a train from Jinghong to Kunming or any city yet. But we can book tain ticket from Kunming to other main city on internet for you. you need bring your passport to book your ticket and pay your ticket at Forest Cafe. after booked your train ticket, you will get a order number which can be exhanged to train tickets at train tickets office.

    . Book express bus ticket from Jinghong to Kunming
    You can book express bus ticket at Forest cafe with the price of bus station and get the ticket very soon.Beacause the high way is open, now from Jinghong to Kunming only takes 9 hours.

    . Book flight ticket from Jinghong to some city in China or to Thailand
    In order to give convinience to customer,we cooperate with ticket officer in Jinghong, and can book the flight tickets for you.
    1.Flight from Jinghong to Kunming, Chengdu, Dali, Lijiang, Guiyang, Shanghai
    2.Flight from Jinghong to Bangkok
    * We offer pick up service from Jinghong airport

    . Hotel reservation from 4 star to guesthouse
    A.(* * * three star )wooden floor, quiet surounding,cabin shower ,swimming pool ,24 hrs hot water ,location city centre .

    B.(* * * *four star )luxury room with bath ,carpet ,gym,tennis ,swimming pool ,outside city but not very far ,very quiet surroundings .

    Note: We are sure can get the lower price than your booking price directly from hotel, especially for Crown Hotel(three star) in Jinghong.

    C.clean,new ,solar water system .location nearby bagpackers centre .

    D.double room in Menglun Botanical Garden.
    PS: We promise offer reasonable reservation price, except the major festival in China.Please let us know your Name,Nation,
    Check in date,Check out date,3-7 days in advance.If you want to cancel your reservation , please let us know 24 hours in advance by mobile or email.

    . Others
    Mosquito repellent(20 - 30 yuan RMB)--protects up to 7 hours against mosquito and other insects.